HEY!! If any of my followers are Pokemon fans, especially of characters from the Best Wishes series please go follow my fiance’s blog!! He takes AMAZING screencaps and edits the colours to be an absolutely decadent sensation!

And I know I haven’t posted often, my hiatus will be up fairly soon, I just am very busy right now.

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can someone explain korrasami to me? and also answer me this question: why is korrasami the dominant femmepairing in this fandom and katoph gets very little attention.

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it’s funny because maybe 10% of the fandom hates korra when the other 90% hates anyone who doesnt like korra and you see way more korra supporters making shitty posts like these than you see people actively deconstructing and properly analyzing her character so it’s like we gotta be loud and obnoxious just like korra and belittle and attack a very small margin of the fandom because oops we will never let go of the fact that some people don’t like our golden girl
— my fiance talks about this idiocy of this fandom
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zuko tag drinking game: take a shot every time

  • someone mentions having a childhood crush on him
  • die of liver failure
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my life is a scene from a zutara fanfiction
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